Millions of homeowners are looking to save money on their electricity bills by installing energy efficient solar panels. Due to their popularity, some companies that provide solar panel installation in Marin County are offering customers the opportunity to either lease or buy their units. While there are advantages to both, you need to take several things into consideration before making your final decision.

Our Suntegrity team takes a closer look at solar panel installation in Marin County.

Why Solar Power?

Solar power is the most sustainable form of energy on the planet. Solar panels can be attached to your roof or placed on supports in an area where they can access direct sunlight. With solar panels installed on or near your home, you can reduce your dependence on grid electricity. The amount of reduction will rely on how many solar panels you have and the average amount of kilowatts you use every month.

What Are the Benefits of Ownership?

It is wise to own your solar panels if possible. Most units come with a warranty and a performance guarantee that covers the entire system. If you can’t pay for your panels outright, there are financing options available. One of the best benefits of owning your solar panels is the solar investment tax credit that is available to those who qualify for it. Owning your panels allows you to maximize the financial benefit you gain by using them.

When Is Leasing an Option?

If you choose to lease your solar panels, your long-term financial savings won’t be as great as if you had purchased them. Combining what you do save, however, with the benefit to the environment may be enough for some people to take the plunge and enter into a lease agreement. If your federal tax isn’t enough to qualify for the solar investment tax credit, you may be better off leasing the equipment. Another benefit of leasing your solar panels is that you are not responsible for their maintenance.

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