Things to Consider When Building a Solar-Powered Home in Napa County

Global warming is one of the biggest threats facing humanity today. According to a study, temperature of Earth has increased by almost a degree celsius since 1880. Our failure to act will only make things worse. We have to stop and think about the world we want to leave for our future generations. If you [...]

Common Misconceptions About Solar Power Systems

We are overly dependent on fossil fuels for energy production. Burning fossil fuels releases toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the environment. Moreover, fossil fuels are non-renewable resources of energy. Once we run out of fossil fuel reserves, we will have to wait for millions of years to obtain them. To [...]

4 Must-dos before going solar

Pollution is turning our beautiful world into one big gas chamber. Mother Earth is wounded and she can barely breathe. She needs your help, and she needs it now. You don’t have to be the second Elon Musk to figure out ways to contribute to sustainability. All you need to do is look for answers [...]

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Understanding 3 Different Types of Solar Panels

Solar energy is the perfect alternative energy source for many homeowners and offers a wide range of benefits, which is why so many opt for solar installation services from a company in Santa Rosa. There are three distinct types of solar panels available on the market and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. [...]

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