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With over 1000 solar installs under our belt and counting, Suntegrity Solar has made a lot of friends in Sonoma County, Napa County and Marin County.

Since our founding, we’ve had the privilege of many happy customers saying nice things about our work. Following are just a few reviews. Please check the full collection of our reviews on Google and Yelp.

“Suntegrity Solar was very professional and helpful at each stage of the process.” —Walt H.

“Working with Suntegrity Solar, and Alan in particular, was a fantastic experience. My questions were never left unanswered and the complexities were taken care of for me. I really appreciate that since dealing with the utility company was always a hassle. Even when I went rouge, and set up the Enphase device myself, the technicians were able to get me and my system back under Suntegrity Solar’s management.” —David and Ruth M.

“Very professional!” —Stephen and Katherine H.

“Friendly & professional staff.” —Frank O.

“Excellent Service with extremely quick follow up by Suntegrity Solar.” —Karon and Michael K.

“The install went exactly how Alan said it would. The technicians were prompt, clean, professional and polite. Zero complaints about the entire process. It was an absolute breeze. Thanks guys!” —Mike and Debra C.

“You have to give them a shot, as they are the most courteous and professional people I have had the pleasure to work with. Only Santa Claus is more welcome back to my roof, but I must say the gift of solar power might be more appreciated!” —Dan K.

“They are the most professional, courteous, customer-oriented company I have encountered. They kept me informed through the entire process. They cleaned up each day & left no trash behind. Awesome crew.” —Lisa R.

“Excellent sales pitch, competent advice and information all the way through install. Great communication.” —Jurg S.

“Couldn’t have gone better, in an industry where there are no long track records, this company and its people had integrity and that’s all I was looking for. I could not say enough great things about John and the owners (father and son) about this company. No regrets!” —Ken R.

“The quote was thoroughly thought out, including break even estimates. Great recommendations for materials. The installers hustled, and did an excellent job — completed the panel installation on schedule in just 2 days. My meter is counting backwards everyday now.” —Paul B.

“Just do it! It’s a no-brainer.” —Michael and Suzie Z.

“They were very good at getting done what they promised.” —Randall M.

“I love my $0 PGE Bill. What a good thing…free hot tub, oh yea Baby….” —Clayco S.

“A co-worker asked me today which solar company to use- I sent them the link to the Suntegrity Solar website.” —Richmond C.

“I continue to turn people onto them! They helped me customize my system to exactly the right panels, inverters, layout, and more. The other big box companies would not budge from their pre-set plans. I plan to be in my house for life so wanted the best quality components from suppliers that would be around for the long haul. Every aspect of the ‘conversation’ was great and honest and true. They were quick to answer my questions and give lots of options and walk me thru them. A++, very happy customer. —Steven K.

“Wonderful company to do business with.”  —Victor and Dorris C.

“Great service!” —Francis M.

“Excellent job.” —Tony and Nandee S.

“It’s a pleasure working with everyone at Suntegrity Solar. They were all very professional and always very helpful.” —Michelle and Dan R.

“Excellent work! Quick turn-around from sales to install.” —Paul D.

“Your rep kept us abreast in a very timely manner as the whole thing progressed. Any questions we had were handled by the office staff in the same way.” —Bill and Janet A.

“Very good communication!” —Mike and Laura N.

“You can trust Suntegirty Solar word for word!” —Larry T.

“I most definitely tell others of our experience, and have done so already, even before PG&E turned the panels on.” —Juliana D.

“Great solar company to deal with. They always got right back to me to answer any questions or concerns.” —Rob M.

“We looked at five different solar companies, and chose SU for a variety of reasons. Highly satisfied.” —David F.

“Excellent service and products. From start to finish, we are very, very happy with the entire system, the sales staff, and the installer team.” —Vail B.

“I had a difficult installation including a solar pool system on a three story roof. Although it took a while to work out some bugs, Suntegrity Solar persisted and even did some additional work at their cost to make sure the system worked as planned. That shows great service after the sale. Thank you!” —Robert and Josephine E.

“Very satisfied with their service and the installation.” —Bruno W.

“We have told people in general: neighbors, church attendees, that we have been very satisfied with Suntegrity Solar. The installation was done professionally and with precision. They acknowledged us, the customer, with respect and kept us abreast of the steps during the installation, and made sure that the job was done right. We have been very satisfied with Suntegrity Solar because the beneficial outcome has been as they stated it would be.” —Robert and Marjorie C.

“I was completely satisfied with our sales person. He was able to answer all my questions, and presented everything in a manner that I understood. The presentation was complete and even included projections of cost of future PG&E bills which were presented in a manner that if present rate increases continued, what I could be looking at. He even answer a lot of what if questions.” —Robert and Holly B.

“Good deal. Good service.” —Benjie and Lauren K.

“Suntegrity Solar was a pleasure to work with.” —Gary R.

“Project went off with out a hitch. Only problem was the length of time it took PGE to get us on the “net energy metering” program (not Suntegrity Solar’s fault). Love the monthly Enphase Energy report. We have CO2 offsets equal to planting over 40 trees and it grows by 10 -15 trees per month.” —Norman and Linda S.

“Alan C did a great job in seeing the entire build through completion. From the first time he showed up to solicit my business, to the end of the project, he was great. I don’t care for sales people in general, but will recommend Alan to all those interested….along with Suntegrity Solar. Thanks for the Solar!” —Steve and Lisa E.

“So far, so good! We are collecting sun rays and hopefully will break even or make some money by the end of the year so we can pay it off ahead of time. Thanks!” —Noel G.

“The service and installation was outstanding. Paul K and the Suntegrity Solar team accommodated all the needs for my solar system and I appreciated his personal attention to the system that was installed. I have recommended him to my neighbors and will continue to do so. Thanks Paul.” —Jay D.

“Great contractor. Very sensitive to the client’s needs and wishes, I have recommended him for two other jobs and one is sold.” —Esteve A.

“Through out the process, someone was always available to answer my questions.  I NEVER felt any pressure to do something I didn’t want to do. I had the security of dealing with a large company, but felt like I was dealing with a small town contractor the entire time. Co-owners Keith and Paul talked with me directly and even came to my house when a little fine tuning was needed. If I could give the Santa Rosa franchise of Suntegrity Solar 6 stars, I’d do it now! Fine work people! Highly recommended. Best service I’ve seen in years. Excellent, excellent, excellent.” —Karen W.

“I was extremely pleased with the quality, installation, and persistence of the staff. I had encountered some difficulty with County of Marin Planning Department, but contractor was able to satisfy County demands.” —Hank C.

“Highly professional organization with very competent and patient staff in working with the owners throughout the process. Your staff idea to install the solar panel system on our barn roof was outstanding. Everyone was willing to take the time to explain what was being done and what to expect along with answering my questions freely. The few issues that arose were addressed and resolved cooperatively and timely. I enjoyed working with all of you and soon will benefit the fruits of your labor in reducing our family’s footprint in “going green”. Thanks for meeting all our expectations to date. Good luck in the future and we wish you much success.” —Gino G.

“We are all so pleased with the solar panels! We just got our first true up bill for $400, which is less than what we used to pay every month!!!!” —Scott and Allison C.

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