Buying solar panels for a home building project has become more popular as more property owners are backing renewable energy. Back in 2016, the solar photovoltaic market in the U.S. was already expected to be worth around $4.7 billion, according to Statista. That number has only grown since. You may already be planning to add solar panels to your home right now. Ensure those panels are correctly installed by reviewing the placement tips below.

How Your Solar Panels Should Be Oriented

Let’s start our discussion on proper solar panel placement by focusing first on orientation. You can’t just set your panels down in random directions and expect them to yield the best results. Since the U.S. is located in the northern hemisphere, your solar panels should face the geographic south. Note that the geographic south is not necessarily the same as the southern direction a compass points to.

Identifying the geographic south direction that solar panels for a home must follow can be difficult. It’s a job best left to the professionals. They can determine the best orientation for your new solar panels and install them accordingly.

How Your Solar Panels Should Be Tilted

Next, let’s get into angling the solar panels for a home. The angle or tilt of your solar panels also makes a big difference in power generation. You have to get this right, or else you’ll fail to tap into the full potential of your solar energy system. Once again, we’ll use the equator as a reference point when installing solar panels.

The rule of thumb in this situation is to reduce the tilt the closer your home is to the equator. That means residents of southern states don’t have to angle their solar panels as much as their neighbors to the north. Of course, getting the exact angle right is still quite difficult. Ask the installers to handle that so you can get the most out of your solar energy system.

How Your Solar Panels Should Be Installed

Finally, you should also consider whether your solar panels will be installed directly on your roof or on frames. Solar panels directly attached to the roof are easier to maintain. However, mounting your solar panels on frames allows you to change their positioning. Changing the position of your panels according to the season is critical to maximizing their production.

Solar panels can be terrific additions to any home. Invest in professional installation to ensure you get the most out of your panels. Get in touch with Suntegrity Solar today, and we’ll set your new solar panels in place!