Rooftop solar panels have been around for several decades. In the past, many people were wary of whether solar panels would be durable enough to withstand severe weather and cost efficient enough to cover the expense of their installation. With the advancements that have been made with solar panels, they’re more much more efficient and more durable than ever before. With Suntegrity, solar panel installation in Marin County is both easy and cost-effective.

We list some benefits and information about choosing the right panels and how they work.

  • The Benefits of Solar Power

Rooftop solar panels can harness sufficient energy to provide more than enough electricity to meet your family’s needs. By adding solar panels to your roof, you can use the sun’s energy instead of relying solely on your electric company. Not only does this save you money, it also reduces your dependence on natural resources. With today’s advances in solar technology, solar panels are more aesthetically pleasing than in the past and blend in naturally with other roofing materials.

  • How Rooftop Solar Panels Work

Rooftop solar panels work by collecting photons from the sunlight and converting them into usable energy. These photons can be collected and maintained as direct current energy, or it can be converted into an alternating current which is what many of all household devices and appliances use. Solar panels are made up of many different layers, each one serving a purpose in forming a semiconductor that collects photons from the sunlight and gradually converts them to the type of electrical energy you need to operate devices throughout your home.

  • The Potential Savings

Today, the power supplied by rooftop solar panels accounts for approximately half a percent of all power generated in the United States. It’s estimated that if rooftop solar panels were installed in all suitable homes, solar energy could account for over 25% of the energy used by those dwellings. This would result in substantial savings in terms of both money and natural resources.

Get Professional Solar Panel Installation in Marin County Today

With the gradual increase of solar panel installation in Marin County, our staff at Suntegrity is working to raise awareness of the many benefits you can receive. They have the information you’re looking for and will provide you with a demonstration, so you know exactly how solar panels work. If you have questions about the cost and installation of rooftop solar panels, call and schedule a consultation today!