Considering Residential Santa Rosa Solar Companies? Consider Us.

If you’re looking at Santa Rosa solar companies, you’re in the right place. It’s the ideal time to review your Santa Rosa home solar technology options.

With the price of energy continuing to rise significantly year over year, you can now begin saving money by installing a home solar system in your Santa Rosa property.

Suntergrity Solar ranks among the best Santa Rosa solar companies

As a local solar power company, we understand the specific solar solutions northern California homes need. This includes accounting for the region’s climate, local and state regulations, and interconnectedness with the California power grid to maximize efficiency and savings on your energy bills.

Our Santa Rosa solar installation team at Suntegrity Solar has many years’ experience in this growing industry, and we’re here to help you take the next step toward delivering clean, affordable energy to your home.

Here’s why Santa Rosa residents choose Suntegrity Solar:


We’re proud of our reputation within the local Santa Rosa solar installation marketplace. We have been offering our expertise for over 40 years while providing a return on investment to all home solar system users in Santa Rosa. Our experience means we can complete quality installation work for an affordable price-point without negatively impacting your home.

Durable Systems

We offer the most durable solar equipment on the market today. Our research of the solar industry means we can find the ideal system for your property and for your solar energy production demands. Our technicians are trained to carefully install home systems and to communicate effectively with you and your family to ensure you receive the ideal product and services.

Custom Options

Each element of our service is designed to align with your home demand. When creating a home solar unit for your property, we’ll look at your current energy usage, your financial goals, and your roofing position to create the perfect solar product for your property. It’s the trusted service thousands of clients across Santa Rosa now depend upon for clean energy.

Begin your road to cleaner, more affordable energy production with Suntegrity Solar. Read more about our Santa Rosa solar panel installation company.

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