Rebuilding in Sonoma County or Napa County After the Fire?

If you are one of the thousands of Northern California residents who are rebuilding your home and want a solar system Sonoma County-based Suntegrity Solar can help. Now is the time to consider it.

Losing your home in a natural disaster is an emotional and mental crisis as well as a physical loss. The disturbances to you and your family are stressful enough, let alone thinking of rebuilding your lives.

Rebuilding a home and a solar system Sonoma County-based Suntegrity can help.

We will strive to help make the process as stress-free as possible.

Examine your options for solar as your house is being designed or built. Better yet, you can get the advice of specialists with backgrounds in both construction and solar systems.

Our friendly experts will help you in the design and decision-making process in our comfortable and relaxing conference room. Feel free to come by with your questions.

Have existing house plans? Bring them with you so our Solar Advisors can show you how to make adding solar from the beginning easy and rewarding. We work with homeowners, architects and builders. See examples of installations, solutions for mounting to various roof types and solar equipment.

If you’re rebuilding and thinking solar system Sonoma County based Suntegrity offers free consultations.

Our convenient location is at 3100 Dutton Ave #138, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. Appointments recommended. Contact us for details.

Northern California Fires Hit Home–Almost–for Suntegrity Owner

Keith, co-owner of Suntegrity, almost lost his home in the Tubbs fire. His new home, which was still under construction, was framed and the sheathing on when the fires hit.

As the winds reached 70 mph in Sonoma County, it was obvious that things were getting bad quickly. The fire and smoke came over the ridge, obscuring fire on the northwest side.

“We loaded our car with our irreplaceable treasures and our dog Bandit for evacuation,” said Keith.

“Our neighbor was unaware of the fire. We helped them load their vehicles with their infant daughter, dogs and family heirlooms. They got out safely but sadly lost their home. We were fortunate to save ours.”

Keith spent many hours and days returning to his new home site, putting out spot fires, watering down the roof, clearing for a fire break. The fire fighters spent countless hours in his neighborhood. They proved themselves beyond excellent in their ability to handle such  extreme conditions. Keith and his family were able to provide doughnuts and food for the fire fighters.

Many of Keith’s neighbors lost their homes. Keith has since completed his new home and is now glad to be able to help others rebuild theirs. Below are some of the pictures Keith took during the Tubbs fire of 2017.

Photos Taken During the Tubbs Fire of 2017

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