Powerful Myth-Busting: Shining a Light on Solar Panel Misconceptions

Today's homeowners know that sustainability isn't just a passing phase. It really is a way of life for many Americans, especially if you live in California. But even if you feel pressure to switch to renewable energy sources, you might have some reservations about contacting local solar companies to explore the possibility of installing a [...]

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How Winters may Impact your Solar Energy Set Up

Solar power is an excellent source of energy for residential and commercial units. As a matter of fact, solar energy is sustainable and renewable, and for this reason, the solar power systems are growing in popularity every year. With many renowned solar power companies in Marin County such as ‘Suntegrity Solar’ offering a complete range [...]

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Common Misconceptions About Solar Power Systems

We are overly dependent on fossil fuels for energy production. Burning fossil fuels releases toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the environment. Moreover, fossil fuels are non-renewable resources of energy. Once we run out of fossil fuel reserves, we will have to wait for millions of years to obtain them. To [...]

How Home Solar Panels in Marin County Work

Homeowners who choose to install home solar panels in Marin County often wonder how they actually work. What in those sleek black squares allows them to produce so much power? Simply put, the panels absorb sunlight, breaking it down into particles and then maneuvering the relocated electrons in such a way that they create usable [...]

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What You Need to Know About Solar Panels for Your Marin County Home

Solar energy is fast-becoming one of the most popular energy resources with homeowners. The installation of home solar panels in Marin County and beyond has increased dramatically over the last several years. The choice to harness one of our most abundant energy sources is proving to be both a cost-effective and environmentally sound decision for [...]

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