Santa Rosa Solar Battery Energy Storage and Backup Generators

Around North Bay and Santa Rosa solar battery energy storage systems are a recent and exciting development in solar power.

Energy storage relies on batteries to provide power, and is valuable as an energy and capacity resource. Thanks to developments in storage technology:

  • Storage systems can provide backup power to homes or businesses.
  • Energy storage systems can provide power during peak rates to reduce utility charges.
  • Battery backup systems can be combined with generators to help provide power during long periods of bad weather.

There are several ways energy storage can be set up to support your home or business, including offgrid solutions. We are familiar with most of the solutions currently available in the market and can explain the pros and cons of each. Ask one of our Solar Advisors to help you decide which options best meet your needs.

Grid Tied Battery System

Batteries store power from your solar system or the grid when electrical rates are low—and can provide power to your home or the grid when rates are high. As the difference between low and high utility rates increases, this can become an attractive solution. However, a grid-tied battery system does not necessarily work if the grid goes down.

Sonoma County, Napa County and Santa Rosa solar battery energy storage products. Battery BackUp

A battery backup system can enable your solar system to provide power to your home when the grid goes down.

This can be a very attractive feature after a major earthquake or other disasters that bring the grid down for extended periods.

Off-Grid Solar

An off-grid solar system is quite complex—requiring a solar system, battery storage system and generator to all work together.

Sizing an off-grid system also requires in-depth knowledge of the system design factors and the trade-offs between performance and cost. Our Solar Advisor can educate you on the realities of going off-grid.


Generac generator for solar backup in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Napa County and Marin County.Many customers want to add battery backup systems to their solar systems. However, this can be expensive. The most cost-effective way to have backup power when the grid goes down is by adding a generator.

We can size and install a generator to go with your solar system. We can also make sure your solar system is designed so that it won’t damage the generator—something most contractors do not know to take into consideration.

EV Charging Stations

If you drive an electric vehicle, we can install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station that ties into your solar system. Ask for details.

Why the New Enphase IQ8 Inverter?

If you’re considering solar, be sure to ask us about the advantages of the Enphase IQ8 micro-inverter.

If you ever want to be off grid, either temporarily (such as during a power shutoff) or permanently, this new technology actually forms a grid and converts DC power to AC power efficiently.

In this video, Suntegrity Solar CEO Keith Kruetzfeldt talks about the IQ8 technology.

Example Storage System Installations

Example Generator Installations


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