There are many benefits to adding solar panels to your house or business. A solar panel system is much more environmentally friendly than traditional energy systems. You’ll derive energy from the sun, rather than traditional electrical sources. A solar panel system is often more cost-efficient for owners as well. You’ll spend more upfront when having the panels installed; however, you’ll spend less in the long term.

The global solar market is growing. According to Yale Environment 360, in 2017, it rose by 29.3%, with nations installing about 98.9 gigawatts across the world. There’s an obvious interest in having solar panels installed on rooftops. The question is, which solar panel companies are truly up to the task? And what do solar panel companies actually do?

How Do Solar Panel Companies Provide Solar Panels?

Solar panel companies handle initially providing your solar panels. They will ensure that the panels are fit for your rooftop and are properly prepared. It’s important that your solar panels are professionally installed, so the professionals will visit your property and install the panels for you. From there, they will check to ensure that the panels are working correctly, and can also help you maintain them as time goes on. Although solar panels are built to withstand not only high heat levels but intense weather, you still need to make sure that they are properly maintained if they are going to last for the long term.

Of course, some property owners decide against owning solar panels and instead choose to rent them. While this is not the right option for everyone, it can be a strong alternative to buying solar panels outright.

How Does Renting Solar Panels Work?

If you choose to rent from solar panel companies rather than buying, your solar company will own the solar panel system, while you’ll pay a monthly fee that will typically include maintenance costs, monitoring, insurance, and repairs. A solar panel lease allows you to enjoy the benefits of solar power while the provider takes care of financing, permits, and installation. This can transition to solar power much smoother.

Whether you decide to rent or buy outright, solar power offers many benefits and is the way of the future. We recommend exploring this option for your property.