Solar energy can transform the planet, and solar companies are playing a significant role in this regard. They are enabling customers to have a choice over their energy source, and promote renewable, clean energy in the process. While Santa Rosa residential solar energy can help reduce your electricity bills, much depends on the quality of service offered by the solar company. It is important to select the best solar company you can. Here are some tips on how to ensure that you have the right solar company working for you.

No Third-Party Vendors

The first thing to check is if the company offers full services as opposed to third-party based services. If you suspect the company will outsource the task to another contractor, then it is best to avoid the company. You would also need to be alert against sales strategies that press customers. If you feel you are not being given all the relevant information and are being asked to make a decision too quickly, you might want to look for better options elsewhere.


There are certain rules that solar companies need to follow to maintain safety and system performance. In addition to safe installation practices, preparing and cleaning the area before and after installation is the norm. Good solar companies train their technicians to carry out installations safely and in the best possible manner. This ensures that customers are not inconvenienced in any way, and the solar system offers top performance for a long time to come.

Customized Solutions

Some solar vendors offer solar panels en masse for all customers. This leads to a poor fit, where the solar system fails to address customer needs. The right solar provider will study your requirements, architectural features, and other data and then offer a solution that helps you tap into the clean, abundant energy of sunlight.

Reputable and Qualified

There are two aspects to consider when you are looking at the company background. The first would be their license and accreditation. Membership of relevant professional organizations and industry organizations indicates that the solar company has the right credentials and expertise. Also, they should be well-known locally, and have plenty of customers who are willing to vouch for the quality of their work. This is something you can check through customer’s reviews. It also helps to work with a company with long-term experience, as they have the knowledge of local conditions and can help you arrive at a correct decision about your Santa Rosa residential solar system.

Eager to Help

One of the most important aspects is how genuinely the solar company wants to help their customers. The right solar company offers you the information you ask for and is upfront about costs and charges. They will also help customers find financial assistance for installing solar systems.

The best company for residential solar in Santa Rosa will offer you the right service, at the best prices, and with suitable warranties. Call the experts at Suntegrity Santa Rosa today at 707-623-1464 to find out more.