Solar panels have become a prevalent option of generation of energy because it is incredibly beneficial to the environment. It is a well-known fact that solar energy is the most promising source of renewable energy, and the invention of solar panels has dramatically improved the process of converting sunlight into electrical energy for residential as well as commercial uses. Today, many top-rated solar installers such as Suntegrity Solar offer a complete range of industrial solar power solutions as well as residential solar in Santa Rosato cut down your electricity costs, and help you enjoy a clean and safe form of energy in your homes.   

How Solar Panels Work and Generate Electricity?

The main function of the solar power panel is to absorb solar energy, and convert it into electricity. Every solar power panel consists of a metal frame, a layer of silicon cells, a glass casing, and wires to transmit the flow of current from the silicon cells. Silicon is a non-metal that converts solar energy into electricity, and it is used in solar power panels for its conductive properties. The interaction of sunlight with the silicon cells creates a set of motion in the electrons, and it eventually initiates the flow of electrical energy. This effect describes the standard functionality of solar power panels and is known as the Photovoltaic Effect. The following steps describe the general Photovoltaic Process.

  • The solar energy radiation is absorbed by silicon solar cells.
  • The interaction of solar energy with silicon solar cells causes electrons to move or flow.
  • A flow of electric current is created by the moving electrons, and it is confined to the nodes and panel wires.
  • This direct current electricity is fed to the solar inverter through the wires to be converted into alternating current electricity.

 The Solar Cells and Solar Electricity Storage

Solar cells are small squares that are made up of conductive materials such as silicone and other non-metals. The solar cells are used to conduct the converted electrical energy from one place to another. The solar systems are designed using different methods to store the unused solar power in the battery or the electrical grid. In case your need for electrical energy exceeds the amount of energy produced, then the stored-upenergy is released and made available for residential use. 

Switch to a Better Alternative Energy with Suntegrity Solar

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