Switching to solar power is one of the best choices that you can make. It will not only help lower electricity bills but will also reduce your home’s environmental footprint. Be sure to do your homework to ensure that you choose the best solar installation company in Santa Rosa to do the installation. Also, not all solar power systems are created equal, and hence it is important to probe and choose a reputable Santa Rosa solar installer who uses quality solar products. Listed below are a few questions that you should ask every prospective provider.

  1. Are the products and components installed sourced from a locally based supplier?

A number of solar companies come and go, but most solar products come with a 25-year warranty. If your installer for some reason goes out of business, and your solar equipment is sourced from an overseas supplier, it can get very difficult to follow up and make a warranty claim. You will have to ship your faulty equipment overseas on your own to the original supplier who can turn out to be more expensive than buying a new system and replacing the faulty one under warranty.

  1. What evidence do you have of your commitment to quality?

All Santa Rosa solar installation companies are bound to claim and market themselves as the best provider in town, but before you hire one, you should ask them to justify their claims. If the solar provider you have short listed holds an internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification, it suggests that they have gone to great lengths to render quality services apart from participating in independent quality auditing. This acts as an excellent indicator of their quality.

  1. What do your customers have to say about you?

This is something you must check before signing any deal with a solar installer. You can get the answer to this question, by checking online forums and review websites that are excellent resources for researching a prospective Santa Rosa solar installation company.

  1. What happens if the solar system doesn’t produce as much electricity as promised?

Generally, all solar companies offer some sort of production guarantee, however the specifics matter. Probe to find out what protection you have and what the company will do in the event that the system does not produce as much electricity as intended to. Also, check with the company if they regularly monitor the system post installation to ensure it is working optimally.

  1. How do you protect my roof against leaks?

Be sure to ask questions regarding the hardware the Santa Rosa solar installation company you plan to hire uses to mount the panels. Will it be able to withstand wear and tear over the years? Is the seal water tight? And, will the installer take the liability to fix any damage that the installation may cause to your roof?

Most reputed Santa Rosa solar installation companies will gladly come to your home and take the time to go through the minutest details with you. Avoid companies that try to close a deal over the phone or those who engage in high-pressure tactics to have you sign a deal.

If you still have questions, give us a call. Our Suntegrity team will happily assist you.