Imagining the sunlight turning into free energy that ultimately ends up as dollars in your wallet. This can be a powerful incentive for choosing a home solar system for your Santa Rosa home. There are quite a few advantages available to you for using a home solar system.

4 Benefits of Choosing a Home Solar System in Santa Rosa

  1. Free Power

Of course, you may be thinking to yourself that it’s not free if you have to pay for the installation. Once your initial investment in equipment and any upkeep is taking care of, this energy produced will be free.

The sun shines everywhere, and won’t cost you anything to get the sun shining down on your home. This free fuel will equate savings from the electricity company on your monthly bills, and may even allow you to sell your power back to the grid when using net metering.

  1. Freedom from the System

There’s quite a bit of talk about people going off the grid, and this is one way that you don’t have to be dependent on a network. There are times when the grid fails due to power outages, and with your own home solar system for Santa Rosa, your home will still have power even if there is an outage in your neighborhood.

That means that your refrigerator and all the food inside of it will be safe. That means that you’ll still have lights and entertainment when everyone else on the block is wishing for the power to come back on.

  1. Bevy of Incentives

There are a lot of incentives when it comes to installing solar panels for your home. These are federal, state, and local levels where you can get tax breaks, grants, rebates, and discounts when you invest your money into a renewable energy product for your home. It’s their way of saying thank you for doing your part.

  1. Clean Energy

Another advantage of having a home solar system for Santa Rosa is that the sun is not producing any harmful emissions. It’s just doing what the sun does every day.

Repower Has You Covered

Unlike wind farms and other forms of renewable energy, there are no environmental drawbacks to harnessing this power for your home. Thinking about a home solar system for Santa Rosa? We’d love to answer your questions and go over any concerns that you may have about getting your own solar panel installation. Contact us today for all your residential and commercial installation needs.