Solar panels are a wonderful thing to have installed in your home, but it can be a stressful experience installing such an expensive item.

Santa Rose solar installation from Suntegrity not only ensures to give you the best price available, but we also ensure that our service men and women are professional, respectful and complete their work in an appropriate amount of time.

  • Increase the value of your home

A home that has solar panels is a home that has a low electricity bill. People are commonly shopping to invest in a home that will save them money. Having a solar panel system installed in your house will increase the attractiveness of your house, just like houses that live close by to a good school, have low crime rates, low property taxes, and so on. Santa Rosa homes that have solar panel systems installed will not only sell for more, but they will also sell faster.

  • Start saving from the very first day

While the initial cost of your solar panel may seem to be expensive; many solar purchase power agreements allow home owners to purchase a solar panel system for a small down payment. While you are saving money in the long run, you are also making a secure investment into the future. Solar power is an infinite resource, meaning that market value of the energy will never fluctuate, unlike gas and oil. In fact, solar power is so secure, solar companies are able to calculate how much solar power will cost in the next twenty years or so. There are also many federal and state tax breaks that the government gives home owners who use solar panels, which will also save you even more money.

  • Performance is guaranteed

Many Santa Rosa solar panel manufacturers offer a 20 to 25-year performance warranty; these companies guarantee that the solar panel system you have installed will be at an 80% performance after 25 years of use. However, solar panels can last up to a lifetime; scientists have estimated 70 years down the road. A solar panel system that is installed today would be generating 49% electricity, even if there is no maintenance done on the system.

The Santa Rosa team at Suntegrity is here for all your solar installation needs. To learn more, contact us today!