Utility companies around the United States have remained slow to adopt next-generation forms of reusable energy. While solar and wind are some of the oldest forms of energy, the latest technology upgrades make these options more affordable than ever before and capable of producing greater levels of energy. Companies have only recently started to install solar panels, mostly due to government tax deductions. While utility companies are starting to turn to solar energy, now is the perfect time for you to as well.

There are many advantages of solar installation in Santa Rosa, including you reducing, if not eliminating your need for energy from the local utility companies.

Here are a few of the other great benefits of solar panel installation:

  1. Generates More Energy than Ever Before

Early adopters to solar energy were looking to go green decades ago, yet the technology left much to be desired. In recent years, upgrades now allow solar panels to generate and store more energy than ever before. Plus, whether you’re looking for solar panel installation in a field or on your roof, the equipment is sleeker in appearance while producing more power than any of the previous generations. 

  1. Become Self Reliant

Opening the utility bill every month can be a crap shoot. You never really know what you owe until the moment you scan down the bill. Some months you may be surprised, other months you may gasp at how much you owe. With Santa Rosa solar installation, you can reduce if not completely eliminate your need for the local energy utility company. While you may not completely offset all the energy you use (depending on the number of panels you have installed and how much electricity you consume on a monthly basis), every month cost will go down, thanks to solar installation. 

  1. Tax Deductions 

There are both federal and state tax deductions available for installing solar equipment, designed to make solar more attractive. 

Suntegrity Is Here

With solar panel installations, you’ll instantly improve the value of your property while also reducing your dependency on the local utility company. Should you generate enough energy, you may even be able to sell what you generate back to the utility company. If you’re curious about the advantage of solar installation, have additional questions or you’re ready to begin the installation process, contact the Suntegrity Santa Rosa solar installation company today.