Today, finding clean energy solutions is more important than ever. This is why more and more people are looking into solar system power for their homes and businesses. This increase in solar energy has created not only more sustainable energy options but also more jobs. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, jobs in the solar sector have increased by about 123% since November 2010. There are now nearly 209 thousand solar workers in the U.S. Let’s look at some reasons why solar energy is on the rise.

Increasingly Affordable

One of the biggest pulls for solar energy is the fact that it is now becoming more and more affordable for the average family. Prices on rooftop systems have declined significantly in the last few years. This improved cost-effectiveness is a result of the reduction in technology prices, financing options, and a bigger network of solar professionals in communities. Both federal and local governments are also making the switch to solar easier by providing attractive incentives for homeowners and business owners to upgrade.

Increasingly Available

In the past, one of the biggest hurdles to switching to solar system energy was that there simply weren’t professionals in every community who could assist you with the installation of solar panels and the building upgrades and modifications needed to start using solar energy. Today, there are more and more of these professionals available across the U.S. In addition to the better availability of professionals to assist with installation, most locations in the U.S. enjoy enough sunlight throughout the year to make solar energy a viable option for electricity. Even in parts of the country that experience less sunlight annually, there are now solar energy options where solar power can help to supplement the regular electricity a home receives through a power grid.

Increasingly Socially Encouraged

Despite the solid science behind solar energy, there was a period in the past when people frequently questioned the efficiency of alternative energy sources. This partly stemmed from societal norms and the reluctance to do something different from what other families in your community were doing. Today, however, solar energy is a popular option available in many areas. The social stigma is gone and in fact, solar panel installations and conversion are now trending in the home construction and renovation sector.

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