Picking the right solar installer is not an easy task at all. There are many solar installation companies in Santa Rosa, making it difficult for first-time customers to know if a company is good and would suit their needs. Solar installation should always be done by an experienced and reputable company, like Suntegrity Santa Rosa, that offers budget-friendly, high-quality installation, design, and financing services tailored to your needs.

In order to help you choose the best, here is a checklist that explains the important factors you shouldn’t compromise on while choosing a solar company.

Experience: There are instances where a roofing company doubles as solar installers, or have been around for a few weeks only. Don’t make that mistake. Always make sure the company has been around for at least 5 years. Also check past client records, where the physical address is located, and if solar installation is their primary business.

License and Insurance: One of the most important factors in choosing a solar installation company is the licensing and insurance of the business. To avoid the risk of a potential liability claim, never forget to check if they have the licenses required to operate as a business, and the workers are insured. All credible companies will disclose the details, and if they don’t, you should look somewhere else.

Pricing: As a new customer, it’s a force of habit to go after the cheapest pricing. But it isn’t always the right thing to do. While looking for affordability, it’s also important to go for quality. Most people wouldn’t be familiar with the details involved in the solar installation, so make sure you ask a lot of questions and have the company explain everything to you, from building permits to connection costs. This will also help you understand the pricing.

Installation process: In many cases in Santa Rosa, solar installation is often done not by the company itself but by subcontractors. Companies subcontract their services to third parties to reduce labor costs. This can result in poor service, disregard for company procedure, and other confusions. When looking for a solar installation company, choose one that has in-house installers, like Suntegrity Santa Rosa. This reduces risks and gives you quality service.

Warranty: The solar panels must always come with a warranty cover. Generally, solar panels have a warranty of 25 years, so if your installer provides warranty for a shorter time, it’s a reason to believe the panels are of lower quality. If there’s workmanship warranty offered, it should be at least 10 years. Find out about the different types of warranties and check with your installer.

References and testimonials: Nothing speaks louder than past client records. Always seek references that you can talk to, and if the company is confident of their services, they will gladly provide you with past client information and references. You can also find out client testimonials from sites like Yelp, and contact them to learn more about the company.

Solar installation in Santa Rosa is a lifetime investment, and it must be done with a lot of care and thought. For commercial and residential solar energy solutions, call Suntegrity for quality service and unmatched products.