Investing in solar panels is an excellent idea. Not only does it help generate renewable energy and cut down on greenhouse gases but in the long run, solar panel installation in Marin County will pay for itself. You just need to know how to choose a great home solar system. Our Suntegrity team is here to assist you with these and many more questions you might have regarding solar installation.

What All is Available

There are many kinds of solar paneling services. It isn’t just one size fits all. Generally, you’ll opt into using solar electric panels for converting sunlight into energy. However, there are other options out there, including solar shingles for the house. These may match your home’s design better, but the shingles are often more expensive (and you can’t shift the shingles to match how the sun is moving for optimal energy absorption). So, you’ll need to keep everything in mind.

Receive Multiple Quotes

Don’t just go to the first service provider of residential solar panels you receive a quote from. You need to seek out information from several different service providers. This way, you’ll find not only a quality price but also, you’ll be able to interview different contractors to find out which one works best for you and your home’s needs.

Solar Financing

Between the installation and the equipment, solar can have a bigger upfront cost. While it will pay for itself long term (while also making your home more desirable to buyers), you may need to look for ways of financing the service. There are state and federal rebates when going for solar, which can help make it more affordable.

However, when deciding on the right kind of financing for your home, you’ll need to discuss it both with the solar company and with your own financial institution. Shop around to see who can provide you with the best deal and the best interest rate. This might ultimately determine what you can and cannot afford. So, seek this information out before signing off on any kind of installation.

When it comes to solar panel installation in Marin County, you likely have all sorts of different questions and concerns. At Suntegrity, you’ll have all your questions answered. Contact us today to get started!