At Suntegrity Santa Rosa, we are dedicated to outstanding customer service. One of the ways we do this is by keeping customers (both current and potential) well-informed. Due to the nature of solar energy, many home and business owners think the installation process can only begin in the summer. This is not true and in fact, many evaluations for solar panel installation are done during the winter.

Many companies that perform solar installation in Santa Rosa spend their winters doing ‘office work’ that include permit renewals, product research, customer outreach, and work in the local community. While this is certainly important work solar companies are also out in the field doing evaluations.

Now the winter seems like an inopportune time to do solar evaluations given the cold weather, ice, overcast conditions, rain, and very rarely snow.

However, there are several reasons to perform a solar evaluation in the winter, these include:

  • Paperwork: Even after an evaluation it can take time to file all the proper documentation for solar installation in Santa Rosa. This includes rebates, permits, approval from local governing bodies, and proper scheduling.


  • Workload: Solar power is becoming quite popular for both home and business installation. While this increased popularity is certainly a good thing it has also made the overall industry quite busy. Because of existing workload, it can take time to schedule installation with some companies having to schedule five months in advance. Because of this, a winter evaluation means you can be ready for installation in the spring or summertime.


  • Evaluation: A winter evaluation can help establish the basis for the installation. This includes the roof measurements, shading, pitch, and any other considerations that need to be made for installation. This is also a good time to discuss the project goals and clarify what a client is hoping to achieve with their solar installation project.

While unusual sounding, winter solar evaluations are quite practical. By having an evaluation well in advance you can prepare for solar installation in Santa Rosa just as the weather warms up. The warmer parts of the year are when cooling bills are at their highest and having solar panels during this time shows an immediate impact.

We hope you will consider Suntegrity Santa Rosa for all your solar needs, contact us today for more information.