There are many reasons why more and more Americans are considering switching over to solar energy. Generally speaking, solar power is more environmentally friendly and more sustainable. Additionally, it’s projected to be more cost-effective than traditional energy sources. Furthermore, they take up less space, and they do not need to be as extensively installed and are therefore often less expensive in the long term. According to the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, it’s been estimated that if PV panels were installed in as little as .6% of the nation’s total land area, the electricity supplied could power the entire country.

But how do we store solar energy once we’ve sourced it? It’s not enough to know how to ger solar energy. You need to make sure that it’s being properly used so that it doesn’t go to waste. With that being said, let’s look into some of the things you need to know about solar energy storage.

What Is Solar Energy Storage?

You might not even realize that solar energy can be stored. In the case of solar energy storage, the electricity derived from solar power needs to be stored as another form of energy (typically thermal, mechanical, or chemical). Once it is properly stored, it can later be released when necessary. One good example of how this system works is a lithium-ion battery.</p.

Technically, a small amount of energy is often lost when it is stored in this manner. However, storage allows you to use the energy more flexibly. Rather than needing to use the power right after it is generated, you will be able to store it for later. Ultimately, this makes solar energy usage more efficient. You’re essentially ensuring that you have a supply ready for the demand, rather than over-or under-generating energy.

What Are The Benefits of Solar Energy Storage?

The benefits of solar energy storage are varied. For one thing, solar energy can be balanced. There are not uneven electricity loads, which can cause issues with the grid’s reliability. Furthermore, this process ensures that even on days when the sun is nowhere to be found, there will be plenty of energy generated. If you’ve ever wondered how solar power works without sunlight, energy storage is your answer.

Be careful when having your solar system set up. Make sure that you have a proper solar energy storage solution installed as well. For questions about solar energy, contact us today!