Solar panel installation is a part of the green energy movement in the United States. Solar panels not only help save consumers energy costs, but they also help the economy grow. Since November 2010, solar energy careers have increased over 123%. Nearly 209,000 of those jobs went to U.S. employees. Read on and see if solar installation is right for you.

Solar Panels Work

PV, or photovoltaic, solar panels would power the whole of the United States’ energy needs if they were installed on only 0.6% of the nation’s total land area. The increasing popularity of solar is growing the market by leaps and bounds. In 2016, the residential solar market in the U.S was estimated to be worth nearly $4.7 billion.

There are many reasons to choose a solar company near you and call them for a solar panel installation estimate. There are several reasons to choose solar. A few are listed below.

  1. Solar power is clean: Solar power is good for the environment. It provides a source of clean, “green” energy. Solar will help reduce energy consumers’ carbon footprint.
  2. Solar takes you and your home “off-the-grid”: Solar helps to make you electricity independent. You can protect against the often unpredictable and arbitrary increases in utility prices. Solar installation gives you the ability to enjoy affordable energy throughout the day. The sun will not increase its energy costs and pass them on to you. You will, however, save your hard earned dollars.
  3. Solar adds benefit to unused or underutilized land: Solar panels make good use of unused or underutilized land, which provides a source of clean energy for everyone. Solar farms are tracts of land where solar panels are installed in great numbers and in close proximity to each other. A 45-acre solar farm was installed in England and generated power for 2,500 homes.
  4. Solar provides energy grid security: With enough customers using solar power, we are not as likely to experience frustrating black- and brownouts. This provides a level of security against frustrating energy loss.
  5. Solar is limitless: The sun is an energy source that will not run out. No company or corporation has a monopoly on the sun or solar energy. Once you switch to solar power, you will start saving immediately on your energy costs. You will enjoy both short term and long term benefits from solar energy.

More Good News for Solar Companies and Consumers

A Reuters news article claimed that “U.S. solar installations will grow by 14 percent this year thanks to lower equipment prices that helped to revive a slew of delayed projects” in 2019, according to the consulting agency Wood Mackenzie. Solar power continues to grow and advantage both solar companies and consumers. Furthermore, there are tax credits and breaks for those who switch to solar power.

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