Solar energy has come a long way since its inception and there are now more solar options available to the everyday citizen than ever before. We are currently living in a day and age where we need to do something to make energy production more stable and more sustainable, and solar energy might be the right option.

What Is Solar Power?

Currently, solar power accounts for about 1.8% of US electricity generation. Solar power works in a much simpler way than you might imagine. We have all seen the huge solar panels in the middle of the desert that are used to power plants and larger operations. There are also solar panels that can be used in homes and in residential applications.

Solar panels are made up of PV cells or photovoltaic cells that collect the energy from the sun and the sunlight and then turn it into electricity. As the sunlight is collected and absorbed by the PV cells, it creates energy that causes electrical charges to form, these charges then move to an electrical field that is housed inside the PV cell and electricity then flows. This is what powers a home that is using solar panels. In many cases, if a home creates more power than it uses, that electricity is fed into the system and the power company may end up paying you for producing energy and for creating solar energy storage.

Is Solar Power the Answer?

While it would be ideal for all homes to have the ability to create solar power, it is not something that is accessible to every person. If more people opted to use solar power or wanted to get solar panels put on their homes, they could create their own power and take a bit of strain off of the current power grid. Solar power is a fantastic option when it comes to reducing our footprint and creating our own sustainable power.

Residential options are now more affordable than ever and can also be an easy to install and easy to use option if you are looking to find out more. Solar energy can be used over time, it does not have to be used at the time that it is created making it a great sustainable option and a great alternative to the energy options that we currently have in place.