Solar installations have been on a steady increase. From 2008 there has been a 17-fold increase in solar installations. Roughly the change has been from about 1.2 gigawatts to around 30 gigawatts. That is enough power to power about 5.7 million American homes.

What happened? Why are more people than ever opting in for solar power? The facts may surprise you.

The Cost Has Come Down

Thanks to new technology and more availability, solar installations are actually less expensive today than they were a couple of decades ago. It is less expensive to have solar panels installed, and you still get that nice large return on energy savings.

People Are Opting for Solar Instead of Generators for Backup Power

Many homeowners are turning to solar power for their backup power options. These homeowners do not want to be completely off the grid, but they do want reliable power in case the grid goes down. Solar energy can be stored in batteries that can power the whole home should there be an interruption to service. Many homeowners that start with solar as a backup wind up converting to solar as a primary power source.

Solar Adds Value

The installation of solar panels can add value to your home. Buyers in today’s market are well aware of energy-efficient improvements, and what better way to improve energy efficiency than not having to use energy from the grid? Solar installation can add value to your property when it comes time to sell.

Tax Breaks and Rebates

Solar installation can mean great tax breaks and rebates. Who does not want to earn money by saving money? Many homeowners are converting to solar to take advantage of generous tax breaks and other government incentives.

The Savings

The fact is that people are simply tired of paying high energy bills every month and solar installations are helping them to get their bills under control. Solar energy storage is completely renewable, requires no maintenance, and is there for the taking. It is helping millions of home and business owners to cut their energy bills way down and keep them down.

Join the movement of people across the U.S. that are unplugging from the grid and enjoying the savings. Learn more about solar installations today.