Solar energy makes up 1.8% of the electricity generated in the United States. That percentage is only going to rise as the cost of renewable energy continues to lessen. Residential solar can offer freedom as well as choice to your household in the form of clean, renewable electricity. More homeowners are switching to solar systems with the assistance of a solar panel company that can save them money.

Solar Energy Is Better for the Environment

As a homeowner, saving money while being able to help the environment is a win-win situation. There are actually many benefits to using solar panels that have been installed by a reputable solar panel company. Once solar energy solutions have been installed correctly, you can expect peak performance when it comes to using clean energy. Your journey into a cost-effective, money-saving solar panel installation starts with a consultation with a top Sonoma solar installation company.

A Solar Panel Company Can Help You Control Electricity

Have you experienced an increase in the duration and frequency of power outages within the past 15 years? Research has shown that the U.S. has the largest number of power-outages per minute than any other developed nation. The U.S. electricity grid is over 100 years old and wasn’t built to withstand the increased population it faces today or the extreme weather. Making the grid more secure could cost up to $150 billion and take several years. And of course, you guessed it, that cost will be passed on to you.

Solar panels perfectly installed by a top solar panel company can help your family stay ‘plugged in’ when experiencing difficulties due to an antiquated power grid. A solar system includes powering your home via rooftop solar panels that collect energy during the day. Solar panels can help your family gain more energy independence that keeps your home connected with power when other homes are experiencing a blackout.

Care for the Planet

Solar power is a 100% renewable and clean energy source that reduces your family’s reliance on fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil for energy production. Fossil fuels are known to yield emissions that are harmful and affect the quality of soil, air, and water. They are responsible for the global warming situation.

However, solar energy does not produce any pollution. Power from the sun offers an unlimited source of energy that is not known to harm the ozone layer or strip the landscape. By investing in a solar energy system, your family is investing in the future of your children and the planet.

Solar Panels Can Offset the Cost of Energy Expenses

Solar panels can give you year-round savings and energy efficiency. It all depends on the size of solar panels as well as the efficiency and the orientation to the sun. You can discuss all of the details with solar panel specialists that can explain the process and assist you in choosing the panels that could reduce your energy costs.