Tired of paying out the big bucks to utility companies? Are you frustrated every single time you open your monthly bill and see another rate hike? If so, you’re not alone and thankfully there is a way to combat this. With recent technological upgrades, residential solar energy can help offset much of your energy consumption. Even if it does not completely wipe out your monthly usage bill, you’ll see a substantial drop in your bills. Best of all, if you’re gone, your solar panels continue to generate energy.

With the help of residential solar in Santa Rosa, you’ll never pay an overpriced energy bill again.

  • Constructed for Your Home

Solar paneling has come a long way in recent years. The equipment has lost much of its bulk and is far more affordable than ever before. Best of all, the solar equipment is built for your home. It is no longer a one size fits all approach where unattractive panels hang over the side of a roof. Instead, the paneling is constructed to fit seamlessly with your property for maximum energy production and minimal invasiveness. 

  • Sell Back to the Utility Company

In most cases, the energy produced through your solar paneling is enough to drastically reduce energy bills but not eliminate it entirely. However, if you have enough solar panels installed, do not consume much energy at all or you’re simply gone for some time while the panels continue to generate energy, you may have an energy surplus. Instead of allowing this energy to go to waste, you can sell it back to the utility company. Imagine receiving an energy credit on your next bill or, if it is a regular occurrence, receiving payments from the utility company? With installed solar paneling on your property, you have the capability of finally realizing just how profitable your home can be. Soon, you’ll finally be happy to open the next monthly utility bill.

Get Residential Solar Power Today

Thanks to residential solar from Suntegrity, you can harness energy produced by the sun, which goes a long way in cutting utility costs while making your Santa Rosa home a greener, friendly location. If you’re ready for a complete solar installation, have questions about how it works in your home (or neighborhood), or would like to talk with a specialist regarding your housing specifics, make sure to contact the team at Suntegrity in Santa Rosa today!