Pollution is turning our beautiful world into one big gas chamber. Mother Earth is wounded and she can barely breathe. She needs your help, and she needs it now. You don’t have to be the second Elon Musk to figure out ways to contribute to sustainability. All you need to do is look for answers around you. One of the major ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint drastically is by going solar. Depending on sun for your energy needs makes sense. After all, why should you take more from Mother Nature when you already have one of her most precious gifts, the Sun, the perennial source of energy? Power generation companies burn tones of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas to produce electricity. Sun, on the other hand is a clean source of energy. What’s better? Unlike your utility company, Sun won’t ever bill you for its services. Before you go solar, you need to make sure that your family and your home are ready for the change. To help, we take a look at a few things to do before taking the leap.
1. Check local rules
Many city and states require that homeowners get specific electrical and building permits before installing a home solar system. Contact respective offices to learn about these permits and how you can get them. Call the office of your homeowners association to enquire about any specific permission. Submit your plan to them well in advance. REPOWER Santa Rosa provides end-to-end services of solar panel installation in Marin County. Our team of solar panel installation experts in Marin County can help you comply with different regulations.

2. Analyze your energy use patterns
Analyze your energy use patterns for the last year. Add up the total kWh consumed for the period. When looking for a solar system, compare their rated capacity to your requirement. Remember, your roof’s length and breadth may limit the maximum size of the solar system you can opt for. If this is the case, you may have to compromise on the amount of energy produced.

3.Inspect your roof
Installation time, materials, and the total cost will depend on the type of roof you use. Installing a solar system on a roof with Spanish tiles, for instance, can cost you more time and money. Ask the solar panel installation expert whether they want the roof cleaned. If your roof is expected to last for more 15-20 years, get it replaced before installing the system.

 4. Do away with barriers to light
Your roof must have at least 300 sq.ft. of unobstructed space. To ensure your solar panels work at their full capacity, get rid of barriers obstructing light. Trim branches of overhanging trees and adjust satellite dishes. If you want to relocate vents, talk to an expert. Make sure these adjustments are in place before the installation date.

Going solar is one of the best decisions you will make in your life. At REPOWER Santa Rosa, we are keen to be a part of your journey. Over the years, we have contributed to sustainability; by helping several homeowners in our community go solar. To talk to our solar panel installation experts in Marin County call at  707-623-1464.