Energy efficiency is a top goal for any homeowner, and a home solar system for Santa Rosa residents is an excellent way to reduce your monthly energy bill. But installing a home solar system is just one of the ways Santa Rosa residents can cut energy costs. As one of the area’s leading energy experts, Suntegrity Santa Rosa has helped hundreds cut back on their energy consumption, which is why they’ve shared a few facts below.

If you want to lower costs and reduce your strain on the environment, here are five inventive ways to conserve energy.

#1 Minimize Air Leaks
Air leaks can make it much more challenging to conserve energy. It’s important to seal such leaks with caulk, foam, or weather stripping. Sealing them properly will result in substantial savings, while also making your home more comfortable.

#2 Energy Efficient Doors & Windows
Another effective way of reducing your monthly bill is to install energy-efficient doors and windows for your home. For example, double-paned windows are highly energy-efficient and can garner significant savings in only a short amount of time.

#3 Insulation
Insulation is essential in the attic, basement, and exterior walls of your home. The use of insulation will keep your home much cooler in the summer, while also making it warmer during the winter months. Choosing the right installation has a major impact on your monthly bills and is well worth the investment.

#4 Upgrade Appliances
Older appliances can make your home less energy efficient, so it’s a good idea to purchase new appliances that will lower your energy bill. Of course, one of the most effective upgrades to your home is the use of solar panels, as this will substantially reduce your energy usage.

#5 Heating & Cooling Systems
Maintaining your heating and cooling system is essential to ensure that everything is operating at an efficient level. A malfunctioning system can lead to high costs, and it is always a good idea to routinely check your heating and cooling systems to ensure that everything is working correctly.

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Following these simple tips is a great way to reduce your monthly bills. The use of a home solar system for Santa Rosa residents is another excellent investment well worth it for any homeowner. As one of the leading solar panel installation companies, Suntegrity Santa Rosa can help you find a solution that works, so contact our team or visit us online to learn more.