There is no denying the power of solar power. It can help you save on every single energy bill moving forward. However, many wonder about the aesthetics of solar and how solar power companies in Marin County can ensure their property not only generates electricity but looks good while doing it. At Repower Santa Rosa, you have access to trained and certified professionals who understand the importance of curb appearance and the aesthetics of your home. Here are some of the ways solar paneling works with your property’s aesthetics.

What Most Solar Power Panels Look Like

The most commonly recognized solar panel is the rectangular shape with a silver frame and white back meshing. It uses an aluminum design to help reflect heat. This is an affordable option to consider for your home. A slight upgrade, but one that provides more of a unified look, are the black and white panels. These are newer designs and are excellent if you’re interested in new panels but want to match the look of the older, traditional solar panels.

Black on Black

Maybe you don’t like the white or silver background of solar panels. You want something sleeker in appearance. That is possible if you go with a black on black design. This kind of design mixes well with modern roofing and doesn’t stand out as much. These high-performing solar panels look great after installation.

Kinds of Mounting

Beyond the of paneling you go with, you also need to select the right mounting for the desired aesthetics as well. There is in-roof mounting that will fit into the roof. Basically, it replaces a portion of the roof you already have. This kind of paneling doesn’t perform as well but wears better. If you want to up the energy production, full roof paneling is one option. This replaces the entire roof instead of just a portion of it.

Lastly, the traditional roof-mounted system is installed above your roof and is the most cost-effective.

No matter the size of your property or the number of solar panels you’re interested in, Repower Santa Rosa can help you with the aesthetics of solar paneling for your house. If you are interested in more information from one of the best solar power companies in Marin County, now is a good time to reach out and give the team at Repower Santa Rosa a call.