There are more than 1.47 million panels installed in the United States. Solar power accounts for 1.8% of total electricity generation and is used both by businesses and homeowners looking to go off the grid.

Up to 58% of home and business owners choose solar because it is a clean source of energy. However, before you decide to go off the grid, consult a reliable off grid energy storage company. They have experienced contractors and innovative equipment for installation and can advise you accordingly. But first, ensure you take a look at what you should consider before switching to solar.

1. Sun Exposure

This factor may seem obvious, but it is the number one thing you should check before investing in solar panel installation. Even though these power systems use advanced technology, they still need the sun to function. Shading on any part of the panel may result in a reduction in output. Some solar panels do work under partial sun. However, they are not as effective.

Your location should not have too many trees or tall buildings that might block the sun during peak hours or seasons. Luckily, your off grid energy storage company can help you determine the most suitable location for your solar panels.

2. Your Average Energy Requirements

With the help of a licensed solar contractor, you can determine how much power you need and whether you will need more kilowatts a few years from now. One mistake people make is designing a system they outgrow. Remember, cutting the cord is not a decision you just wake up and implement. You need proper planning to avoid inconvenient surprises.

To be as accurate as possible, note down all the electrical appliances you have, how much power they consume, and how many hours they will be on. This information lets you know how many panels, inverters, and batteries you need. Furthermore, you will know which appliances to replace with energy-efficient models.

3. Select a Good Solar Company

Once you have some know-how about solar power, hire a reliable off grid energy storage company. The contractors will inspect your site, recommend an ideal system, sort the paperwork, and perform installation and testing. Additionally, they can recommend changes or upgrades to your solar system if they find something isn’t working as intended.

If you skip this step, your home or business will suffer financial losses. Off grid power is clean and efficient, but failure to work with a reputable solar company can lead to costly mistakes.

There are many reasons to install solar power systems. They are entirely independent, cost-effective, and are not affected by grid shutdowns. To have a smooth and exciting change, do a lot of research and prepare for the transformation.

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