From wind to hydropower, there are many sources of renewable energy that power our great country. Solar, however, seems to be the most popular alternative source of renewable energy in residential communities. And for good reason. It’s easy to set up and can save you a substantial amount on your electricity bill. Not to mention you’re doing your part for planet Earth.

However, despite the benefits, many people out there still doubt the effectiveness of solar energy.

Here are some common misconceptions debunked. Continue reading to learn more.

It’s unreliable

Many people believe that if you use solar grids as your main source of power, you’ll only have electricity when the sun’s out. According to this logic, this can put a damper on your day if it happens to rain or snow all day. People also worry that they won’t have power at night or when it is cloudy outside.

Fortunately, this is not the case. Off grid energy storage units and generators help to harbor the solar energy captured by the panels on your roof. They can assist you by providing back up power for your home, and also cut peak demand charges by sending back what you don’t use. Thanks to the power of off grid energy storage, you can reduce the cost it takes to run your solar powered home. In conclusion, it’s an efficient system you can rely on.

Solar energy is not as powerful as traditional sources of energy

There’s this misconception that solar power is only potent if you live in a warm and sunny climate. However, as long as the sun is out, you can generate significant power to run your dishwasher and lights.

In fact, a solar powered home can emit pollution free energy for up to thirty years.

Solar energy is expensive

Solar panels do require an upfront investment on your part, but they will pay for themselves with time. You can also finance the panels through a solar financing program—making this technology accessible for anyone who wishes to make the switch to a renewable source of energy. Homeowners and businesses across the world are now using solar panels to power their houses and buildings —it’s not as exclusive as you think. Thanks to modern technology and advancements in the field, solar energy is easily accessible for the masses.

Installing solar panels is bad for your roof

Solar panels sit on a railing system on your roof instead of the roof itself. Installing the panels actually gives you an added layer of protection. So, no need to worry about solar energy possibly destroying your roof beyond repair. If this is still a cause for concern, speak with the solar energy company before you begin installation to ease your worries. They can talk you through the process so you can be sure you’re making the right call for your household.

Off grid energy storage units, financing, and ease of access make solar energy possible for everyone

While many naysayers doubt the sheer power and effectiveness of solar, energy, these misconceptions are exactly that. Misconceptions. Whether you’re worried about having enough power on cloudy days (don’t worry—an off grid energy storage unit can come in handy) or you’re concerned that solar energy is not capable of powering your entire home, rest assured that this is all quite the contrary.

In reality solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is both cost efficient and suitable for any homeowner wanting to make a significant difference by reducing the size of their carbon footprint.