The solar PV market in the U.S. for homeowners in 2016 was projected to reach 4.7 billion dollars. Today, solar panels have become a magnificent way to offset your energy costs while reducing the impact your home has on the environment. There are actually many reasons to invest in solar panel installation services for your home. The most reputable solar companies are available to assist you by safely installing new solar panels on your home. A world of benefits awaits when you choose to go ‘solar’.

Get Ready to Eliminate Your Energy Bills

No doubt you’ve already heard the stories. Your friend or family member just had solar panel installation services and now their energy bills are extremely low. Nothing beats being able to reduce your energy bills and lessen your carbon footprint in regards to the environment. Some days you may need to use more solar power, other days you may not. The beauty of solar is it powers your home even when you’re experiencing cloudy weather. Whether sunlight is diffused or indirect, it still helps.

When You Help the Environment You Help Everyone

Does it sound nice to be able to use pure, clean energy? That’s exactly what solar energy is. Solar panels from reputable solar companies assist in combating greenhouse gas emissions. It also reduces your dependence on fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal in which traditional electricity is sourced. Harmful gases are emitted by fossil fuels and cause global climate changes and air pollution. Basically, they are damaging to the environment. The price for them fluctuates constantly and tends to increase. Do you want to remain stuck in this vicious cycle?

Solar power is a renewable energy that can easily be added to your home using solar panel installation services. You will also be helping to improve public health once you choose to use solar energy. Replacing harmful fossil fuels with a renewable energy source will also assist in reducing healthcare costs and premature mortality. Are you ready to call a solar panel company now?

Switching to Solar Enables You to Earn Rebates and Tax Credits

Does getting a tax credit for solar panel installation sound attractive? It’s actually a great benefit that gives you 30% of the cost of a total system back from installation and equipment via a federal income tax credit. After you have solar panels installed, mention this when you file taxes for the year. You may also be eligible for local and state rebates as well as SRECs, solar renewable energy credits. Ask your local solar company how this works and how it will benefit you.

Solar Panel Installation Helps You Save from Day One

Do you know what your annual energy costs are? Chances are the cost is in the thousands. The average expenditure for energy per person within one year is $3,052, which includes residential and transportation energy. That figure is only going to increase over the years. Solar power reduces and even eliminates those costs once panels are installed. You will experience worthwhile, long-term savings when you start using the power of the sun to fuel your home.

Are you thinking about selling your home in the future? Solar panels will only improve the resale value. Having a solar system in place can also extend the life of your roof by protecting it from debris, snow, and rain. Make your home more energy-efficient by having solar panels installed that soak up the sun and use it instead of generating heat within your home.

Get an Honest Assessment

Working with a reliable solar company in Sonoma will put your mind at ease when it comes to having solar panels installed. You are assured of an honest assessment while getting the answers you want for all of your solar power-related questions. Expect to be positively educated and informed concerning top solar products that help you make the money-saving choice to switch to the use of solar energy. Contact them for a solar consultation without any obligation.