Homeowners who choose to install home solar panels in Marin County often wonder how they actually work. What in those sleek black squares allows them to produce so much power? Simply put, the panels absorb sunlight, breaking it down into particles and then maneuvering the relocated electrons in such a way that they create usable energy for your home. Whether you choose to fully convert your home to solar power or only supplement and reduce your grid usage, your energy savings could be significant over the life of your panels.

We take a closer look at how home solar panels work.

  • The Photon to Energy Cycle

Particles of light called photons are absorbed by the panel. Once there, the photons are strong enough to separate electrons from atoms. As the electrons are freed, electricity starts to flow. Small photovoltaic cells contained in the solar panels are linked together, allowing the electrons to keep moving. The more they move, the more powerful they become, creating an electric field.

The electric field has a positive end and a negative end, much like that of a magnetic field. Silicon, phosphorus, and boron are all layered together, creating layer upon layer of positive and negative charges. Whenever a photon separates an electron from an atom, these layers work to force it into a pattern that will eventually become an electric current. Although the process is somewhat more complicated, solar panels are extremely efficient and can produce enough usable energy to power your home with several kilowatts leftover.

  • How the Energy Is Collected

Along the sides of the energy cell, two metal conductive plates collect the traveling electrons and send them along a network of wires that eventually lead into the home. Once the electrons have reached this point, electricity is created and is ready to be used by appliances and circuits within the home.

Enjoy Home Solar Panels in Marin County Today

At Suntegrity, our professional staff is always available if you are interested in learning more about home solar panels in Marin County. They can explain how the panels work as well as how much energy you can save. Solar panels are one of the most cost-effective, sustainable energy sources in the world. If you have questions or want to schedule an installation, contact us today!