Once, solar energy seemed unattainable, at least to the average person. Corporate entities could take advantage of solar energy, to be sure — but it didn’t seem like something that could be applied to the average home. But much has changed since solar energy first became a factor. Solar companies don’t just offer their services to businesses and wealthy individuals anymore, but to average families as well. There are a number of reasons why people have become more interested in solar panels. For one thing, solar energy has many benefits for the environment, and it’s becoming increasingly crucial that we all go as “green” as possible. Being energy conscious also can have benefits for your wallet. However, many still avoid or dismiss solar energy simply because they don’t have the right information. With that being said, we’re looking into some of the reasons why you should look into solar energy for your home.

1. Cutting Down Your Energy Bills

Lots of homeowners don’t even think about getting in touch with solar companies because they think that installing solar panels in their homes is too expensive. However, solar panels can ultimately save you more than you invest in their installation. This is because solar panels essentially source their energy from the sun — in fact, if only .6% of America’s total land space used solar panels, the energy created could power the entire country. You don’t have to pay for the sunlight your panels rely upon — and solar companies are essentially installing something that will, for the long term, cut down on your bills. Of course, the amount of energy that is generated can be based on where you live and the climate. If you live in a particularly sunny place, you’ll be able to “stock up” on energy during the bright days. This means that you can trade your solar energy with the utility. The result? Even on cloudy or rainy days, you won’t be left without the energy you need. With that being said — even on cloudy days, your solar panels can absorb energy. You can rely upon the panels you receive from solar companies, no matter what the weather.

2. Benefit The Environment

Before looking into solar systems, you may be seeking out ways to be more environmentally friendly. A quick solar panel installation is an easy way to benefit the environment without changing your life in a huge way. By deriving clean energy from sunlight, solar panels cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Right now, many of us are dependent on fossil fuels for energy, which ultimately causes a great deal of air pollution. This contributes to climate change on a massive level. This means that your carbon footprint is significantly reduced when you utilize solar panels. Solar panels don’t even force you to use up unnecessary amounts of water. You can feel good about using solar panels, and know that you’re doing something to make a positive impact on the environment.

3. Receive Tax Credits — Plus Rebates!

Yes, you will essentially be paid for using solar panels. Due to the many benefits of using solar energy, the government actually incentivizes people to consider them. When filing your taxes, you can expect to get 30% of your total solar system costs back through a federal income tax credit. Solar companies offer a range of different systems, so the total amount you’ll get back will depend on what you spend. Furthermore, the government is establishing programs that are meant to aid low-income homeowners in installing solar systems. This means that even if you think you can’t afford the upfront costs of solar energy, it may be quite affordable. Lots of solar companies install solar panels for free as well!

Solar energy is something that you can have if you want it — you just need to put your mind to it, decide on the company you’re working with, and make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck!