With the popularity quickly rising, there has been a lot of misinformation online that creates skepticism about the benefits of solar panels. As a reputable solar panel company, our experts chose to debunk some of these myths that you may have heard. Here are six misconceptions about solar energy debunked.

1. Solar Panels Can’t Work in Cold Areas

An installation by a solar panel company does not rely on the temperature, but on the sun’s radiation energy to operate. Solar panels actually perform better in lower temperatures as electrical conductivity increases with a decrease in heat. Advances in solar technology mean that modern photovoltaic cells can work efficiently all year round, unaffected by cloudy or cold weather.

2. You May Never Recoup Your Investment

Some home and property owners worry that they may never get a return for their investment. The average payback period for most solar panel systems is approximately four to six years. If you factor in the government incentives and subsidized solar financing, you can recoup your investment in two years or less. Solar panels may also increase your home resale value by nearly $15,000, providing a handsome return if you opt to sell your home.

3. A Solar Panel Company Will Get You off the Grid

You can opt for an off-grid energy storage system that will store the power in solar batteries. However, the majority of solar installations are grid-tied. It allows you to utilize the panels during the day and pull power from the grid when the sun sets. Net metering can help you earn electricity credits that allow you to resell the excess energy produced to the utility company.

4. Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

A proper installation from a solar installation company will help protect and preserve your roof rather than damage it. They prevent direct contact with nature’s elements, keeping your roof in mint condition. The panels are only mounted on top of the roof and are easy to bring down for a quick roofing repair.

5. Solar systems Are Too Expensive

Most Americans shy away from installing solar power, thinking it’s too expensive to set up. However, the falling costs of solar and the accessibility of flexible solar financing programs make it a feasible option for most property owners. The average cost of a solar panel installation was $8.82 per watt in 2008 compared to the current $2.81 per watt.

6. Solar Panels Make an Ugly, Unattractive Roof

The aesthetic appeal of a solar installation on a residential roof is subjective. However, a solar panel company can position the panels in locations that minimize the visual impact on your home. Solar shingles are also a popular option that can help blend into your existing roof.

A solar panel company can help you make the switch to a greener energy solution for your property. Don’t let these six misconceptions hold you back from a more cost-effective energy source to power your home. If you wish to learn more about solar power and installations, reach out to Suntegrity Solar.