There are two reasons why experts term solar power as the energy of the future. First, we are quickly running out of fossil fuels. Secondly, as voices advocating the use of alternative sources of energy to combat pollution gain momentum and become a cacophony, over a period of time, we will have no other option than to turn to solar power to meet our energy needs. If you are ready to go solar, Suntegrity Solar Santa Rosa will happy to partner with you. We are a 5-star rated solar power company in Marin County. Whether you are looking for solar power solutions for your office or want to install a solar panel in your home, we are your go-to team. Despite the many benefits of using solar energy, there are many skeptics who question the effectiveness of the alternative source of energy and frown upon the idea that the energy from the sun can be a solution to our energy woes. One of the major reasons why many people have doubts regarding the potential of solar energy is the myth about solar systems doing rounds in the market. To help create awareness, we try to shatter some misconceptions surrounding solar devices. Take a look.

1. Solar devices do not work in cold and cloudy weather
The critics of solar device often put forward the argument that solar panels cannot work in cold and cloudy weather. This is a flawed argument, as solar panels store the energy from the sun. In countries that experience a harsh winter, the excess energy produced during summer can be used during cold spells. Many countries with inclement weather conditions are using solar energy to meet their power and other needs. Germany, one of the top 10 solar producing countries, for instance, experiences cloudy weather regularly. The country’s unfavorable weather condition, however, does not stop it from leading by example.

2. Only a few states offer tax rebates
Many critics believe that only a few states in the US offer incentives to homeowners installing solar power systems. If you belong to this group, we would be happy to prove you wrong. Almost all states in the U.S. offer tax breaks and other benefits to homeowners installing solar devices. Homeowners also get a 30 percent tax rebate offered by the Federal government on new installations.

3. Solar panels require extensive maintenance
On the contrary, solar devices are quite easy to maintain. All you need to do is hose the panel at least once every year. When cleaning the panel, get rid of debris lying around it. Solar panels have almost no moving parts and often outlive their warranty.

4. Solar panels can cause irreversible roof damage
The truth is exactly the opposite. Solar panels cover a good part of the roof, thereby, offering protection against the elements. Solar panels are not attached to the roof. In case the roof needs repairs, you can easily detach the panel, without causing any damage.

When considering whether to go solar, steer clear of these myths. When you are finally ready to take the leap, we at Suntegrity Solar Santa Rosa would be happy to partner with you. As a leading solar power company in Marin County, we are committed to helping homeowners go green. Call us at 707-623-1464 to talk to one of our experts.