People choose Santa Rosa solar installation in their homes, place of business and other locations for a variety of reasons. Some people target cost savings, in terms of lower electricity bills. Others are looking for ways to reduce the negative impact that traditional energy sources have on the business. Some people are looking for a more reliable source of energy. Whatever your reasons, the one thing that you can be sure of is that with proper installation, your solar panels can be a great energy saver and also, help you gain access to cheaper energy.

Here are some ways to check if your solar panels are installed properly.

The Surface Has Been Primed For the Installation

Whether you are installing the solar panels on the roof, walls, ground or any other surface, it is important to ensure that the surfaces are suitable for carrying the solar panels. Some surfaces may be too damaged and need to be repaired first. Other surfaces need waterproofing, to prevent damage to the surface and the solar panels. If these measures have not been followed, then your solar panels are likely not installed properly.

The Cables Are Improperly Arranged

Solar systems rely on plenty of cables for optimal energy. However, if you see loose cables or jumbled cables or cables are not enclosed in protective covers, then this could indicate shabby installation. Loose cables can be a threat to your safety while exposed cables tend to lead to system malfunction.

The Surface Is Damaged or Dirty

If you notice significant damage to the surface after installation, such as broken or loose tiles, or other types of problems, then this indicates that the solar panels are not correctly installed. Also, the surface and the installation area needs to be cleaned up after installation. This helps optimize energy generation, leads to more safety and enables maintenance of the solar system.

The Contractor Does Not Use Safe Measures

There are safety rules contractors, or dealers, must use and if you find that your contractor is not following these rules, you must take action. On-site safety for workers and for people around the site will help ensure maximum benefit through Santa Rosa solar installation and reduce the potential for damage and accidents.

No Checking In

Once the solar panels have been installed, the dealers or contractors will perform checks at a later date. They will assess if the solar panels are performing properly. If no assessments are done after installation, you might have a case of poor installation on your hands.

The Best Solar

Usually, a poorly installed solar panel fails to perform per expectations. It is important for you to know the expected output from the solar system so that you would know if the solar panels are not offering the correct output.

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