Is your New Year’s resolution to save money going forward? If so, why not consider going solar? Yes, you may pay a little more up front, but from then on out, you’ll save big on your energy bill. Best of all, your solar paneling will eventually pay for itself while also increasing the value of your property. So, when it comes to home solar panels in Marin County, one of the best options it to consult with our Suntegrity team to find out exactly what these solar panels can do for you.

Local Utility Is Your Backup

One of the beautiful aspects of solar power is the fact that it becomes your primary energy source. Only after you tap out of your energy do you start to draw on the local utility’s power supply. Depending on the kind of grid you have installed and the amount of energy you normally use, you may never actually rely on the city’s system ever again. Even if you do, the amount you’ll pay every month will drop off drastically.

Utility Companies Pay You

What happens if, at the end of the month, you end up producing more energy than you use? The local utilities will pay you for it! Yes, instead of you paying the ever-growing rates charged by utility companies, they will pay you for what you don’t use.

It is cheaper for the company to obtain generated energy from a home-owner instead of putting in the cost of new solar panels, not to mention maintenance, so companies have no problem paying out back to you. So, while you’re out on vacation or away from the house, the house will be making you money in the form of money coming back from the utility. This helps you achieve your New Year’s money saving resolution.

Learn More About Home Solar Panels in Marin County

If you’re ready to start saving money, one of the best ways to do this is on your energy bills. With the help of home solar panels in Marin County, you’ll save every single time you open your bills. Contact our Suntegrity team to see how solar power can improve your life (and your budget).