Solar energy seems to be popping up everywhere, and that’s because summer is roofing season and people are finally seeing how beneficial solar power can be. We’ve compiled a few reasons here to make the switch this season.

1. Reliability

Solar panels collect sun power on even the cloudiest days. In fact, many people find it hard to believe that you can use solar energy 24/7, but solar energy provides power seven days a week, 24 hours a day. For anyone experiencing rolling blackouts or losing power because of storms, that can mean no more lost power.

2. Planet-Friendly

Solar power provides a way to slow down climate change. Just like recycling or using reusable grocery bags, solar power is a way that individual homeowners can put their drop in the bucket of helping our planet. Solar power is a long-lasting way to power your home that requires less maintenance than most other ways to generate power, reducing your overall carbon footprint and helping to cool the planet.

3. Low-Maintenance Costs

Once you’ve installed solar panels, you’ve paid the largest cost included with them. They simply sit on your roof or in your yard and generate power for you. You can wash them off if there is a need, but other than an annual inspection fee akin to getting your furnace checked there are no other costs.

4. Reduced Utility Bills

Not only does solar power have low maintenance costs, but it also lowers your utility bills. This is especially true for pool owners who install a swimming pool solar heating system. Since solar is collecting the sun’s power all day long, most homes are able to collect more power than they use and can put it back into the grid. In some states, this can mean getting paid for the power your home generates.

5. High Return On Investment

Solar may seem to be expensive at the start, but that installation cost is really the only downside. By reducing your utility bill, you are able to save more money for other projects in your home. This low-maintenance power source also adds value to your home, making it an easy source of equity.

So if you want to do good for the planet, or just want to stop paying absurd utility bills this summer, solar is an excellent choice to make.