Since November of 2010, jobs in the solar sector have increased by about 123%. There are nearly 209,000 solar workers in the United States today, and that number continues to grow as more and more areas ‘come online’ in terms of sustainable energy production.

What Is Solar Power?

Solar power refers to the energy gained through the use of solar panels taking in the sun’s heat and radiation rather than through fossil fuels or standard electricity. Solar energy can be harnessed for a range of sustainable solar uses, from solar thermal energy to solar architecture, and molten salt power plants to artificial photosynthesis.

A Good Job If You Can Get It

American’s solar workforce is heating up just as jobs in the coal and natural gas sectors are declining sharply. While many workers have made the move over to more sustainable forms of energy, this may not be possible for everyone currently involved in oil, coal, and other nonrenewable energy sectors.

Many bills and proposed projects have attempted to close this gap and make the transition easier by offering job training and incentives for those willing to take the leap. By and large, these investments appear to pay off as many people claim a job in the solar sector to be good work if you can get it.

The Bottom Line

Solar energy and the solar sector have been around a while now, and it’s becoming clear that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. This most recent energy boom may just be the beginning too — there’s really no telling where technological innovation will take the average citizen next. This solar career boom presents a great opportunity for anyone looking to get into a stable, secure position that is likely to last the test of time. With so many new areas, even those in more rural places, coming online when it comes to sustainable energy production, it’s easy to see why solar would be such a draw.

If you’ve been contemplating a career change lately, it’s an industry well worth looking into, and it only stands to grow as far as we can see. As the world becomes more conscious of our collective impact on the planet, more jobs like those in the solar sector will open up to people of all ages and skillsets.